About Development Counsel

Development Counsel is a personal advisory service offered to Founders, CEOs, Trustees, and other Principals of strategic social change organizations, families, and institutions.

The service focuses on working with these leaders to develop practices and strategies for funding, communicating, and enhancing their innovate and path-breaking work. The service is built on a lifetime of work with some of the most important social innovators of our time and their critical organizations and institutions. The service is enabled by the depth and breadth of personal experience and lessons learned in the hands-on work of designing and managing highly successful communications and fundraising efforts to start, turn around, take private, support exponential growth, and identify and build new markets over more than three decades. This experience has also led to working with more than 300 of the worlds most effective philanthropic families. Development Counsel is currently working with a select group of diverse clients to enhance their impact on their chosen areas of social change.  Counsel is available to other individuals and organizations seeking to increase their effectiveness and to develop comprehensive development and communications functions – or enhance the effectiveness of personal philanthropy.

Philanthropists and organizations are most powerful when they work together. One of the Development Counsel’s chief strengths is building deep integrated collaborations among stakeholders for solving the most important problems of our day.